"extraordinary experimental vocalist" (Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery) - "luminary" (Time Out)






News Winter/Spring 2011

--January 9th -- Magic Names performed an excerpt of Stimmung with choreographer Daria Fain
at Dance Theater Workshop -- as part of the APAP conference.
Here is documentation of a performance at St. Mark's Church in September

This winter, I will mostly be preparing for recordings I am planning for the Spring, and also for a special performance of a piece I am developing with help from Franklin Furnace Fund --

March 26, 2011 -- Music with a View with Robotica!! www.tinyurl.com/RoboticaMWAV
         video of the first workshop performance is here   www.tinyurl.com/DafnaLEMUR


Recent Performances 2010

Europe tour -- workshops / performances:
Nov. 4 Orbis-Pictus Gallery, with Michael Delia (opening of "Play" exhibition), Prague
Nov. 5 Workshop at FAMU (Film and TV school), Prague
Nov. 6 Skolska -- solo performance
Nov. 8 Altes Finanzamt - with Thea Farhadian, Berlin
Nov. 9 Workshop at Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hamburg
Nov. 10 Hörbar - solo performance

back in NY:
Nov. 13 Magic Names Ensemble (Vital Vox festival) premieres work by Gisburg

Nov. 16 annual "in-C" reading Darmstadt New Music at Poisson Rouge
Nov. 22 quartet with Ras Moshe, Shayna Dulberger, Andrew Drury Evolving Voice series Local 269


Dafna Naphtali & LEMUR Guitar Bot / Percussion Bots May 2008

news flash: Franklin Furnace Fund award for 2011 to further develop this work!!  
Performance March 26, 2011 Music with a View www.tinyurl.com/RoboticaMWAV


recent news

Franklin Furnace Fund grant for 2010 to continue work on a "Robotica" - for Eric Singer's GuitarBot and various percussion bots plus gestural controllers. Inspired by the work of Al-Jazari, a 13th century Mesopotamian/Iraqi inventor of the first musical automaton and many other ingenious devices..

The work will be presented at Music with a View in March 2011.


Alex Waterman, Darius Jones, Dafna Naphtali

Documentation from this trio's 2009 performance at Issue Project Room..
is here


Premiere June 17th!

"Panda Half-Life", my new piece for Magic Names vocal sextet plus electronics premiered at Issue Project Room June 17th (plus we performed an excerpt from Karlheinz Stockhausen's Stimmung!). Dense and sparse, composed and aleatoric, sung and wheezed.. with 6 singers, 6 audio speakers, 6 game controllers.

Made possible with funding from American Composers Forum and support from Harvestworks.

June 28th I participated in "New instruments for Improvisation and Experimental Approaches" a day-long symposium June 28th organized by Harvestworks. I will present projects created during my residency this year and perform as well. Also presenting / performing are Matthew Ostrowski, Hans Tammen, Laetitia Sonami.